Ad FilmMaking Companies and Their Role: What Does an Ad Film Do For Businesses? in Rwanda

Ad FilmMaking Companies and Their Role: What Does an Ad Film Do For Businesses?

Ad filmmaking companies work closely with other brands to create video content for them, which serves as a big part of their advertising campaigns.

The role of advertising filmmaking can be hugely different depending on the sort of clients they choose to work with and the demands that they have. For example, some clients will want to take a more serious approach, others will be making a light-hearted video to try and get the attention of the public or even to attempt to “go viral”.

In this guide, we explore what ad filmmaking actually is and how it can benefit different companies. Is it time for you to contact an advertising filmmaker?

What is an Ad Film?

Ad films are not new concepts. They are short videos that serve as a promotional content for a product or a service. They can be incredibly varied. When you look at a production company’s videos then you might find that they have been involved in a variety of films, each with a unique concept. 

Ad films may come in the form of commercials, which can be shown on television, but the way people watch media is changing all the time which also means there is a big demand for ad films for other purposes such as social media and YouTube.

What Does Advertising FilmMaking Involve?

A good ad filmmaker will know the different steps to create a quality advertising film.

It all starts in the pre-production stage, where ad companies will be able to help you to come up with a concept for your film, based largely on the type of people who will be watching it. The target audience plays a key role in the decision-making for your film. Every audience expects a different type of film.

Once you have created a concept the ad film company may also work to create a script, recruit the actors, and choose a location for the film to be shot, which could also include a film studio.

The production period is when the film is actually shot, and the video is made. A lot of people don’t realize that there is such a long process both before and after the actual video shoot. Of course, different video types can look very different in the way they are produced, depending on the content.

We then move onto post production including editing, sound editing, and adding things like special effects to the video. This can be thought of as a way of putting finishing touches to the film and giving it the truly professional look and feel you are going for.

Should You Consider an Ad Film?

choosing an ad film

Who are ad films good for? Well, video is one of the best ways to engage audiences in the modern age and this means that advertising films can be good for even some of the smaller businesses out there. A good advertising film will increase interest in your business and this means that it can be considered an investment.

If you think that you have a product or service that people may be more likely to buy if they see it in action, or you want to create a specific video to promote your business, an ad film can be an ideal part of a marketing strategy.

Even if you are not able to get a film broadcast on television, advertising films can be perfect for social media ad strategies. Ad filmmaking can boost the visibility of your business, build trust, and drive sales.

Choosing an Ad Film Company to Work With

We know it isn’t easy to choose an advertising film company to work with. Always check the portfolio to see what kind of films the company has made in the past, and you may also get an idea of the success they have had for their other clients.

Another thing to check before choosing which company to work with is the team structure of the commercial filmmaking, make sure that they do have a crew that consists of a director or manager with multiple assistant directors.

Now you might be asking why you need an assistant director, so let me explain.

Why do You Need an assistant director in the ad filmmaking production process?

Assistant directors are the unsung heroes of film production. They’re the ones who keep things running smoothly and make sure that everything is in place when it’s time for a scene to shoot.

They’re also the ones who have to get their director’s vision down on paper, which can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing! But that’s where the assistant director’s role comes taking those notes and turning them into actionable items that will enable the director to get his vision onto the screen.

The assistant director usually has a lot of experience in filmmaking, but he may not be as well-versed in directing as some of the other roles on set (such as cinematographer or camera operator).

That doesn’t mean they can’t do it though! They just need to know how best to work with their director when it comes time for shooting so they can get those shots they need while keeping everyone else happy during production.

A consultation is usually the next step. It is a good idea to talk to an film-making company and see what ideas they have to push your project forward. At Insight, we are proud of our ability to bring ideas to life, and create effective ad campaigns that push the boundaries and build your business. Reach out to us today